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The good news is PG have confirmed they're making Corvettes tech 2 in patch 1.05 so fighters will be key early-game until your first station upgrade because Corellians/Tartans won't be available from the start.

The other thing I'd like to see is make fighters even cheaper to encourage their use more.

After 1.05 their role will be more significant. Just like in early-game Starcraft with Tier 1 Zerglings/Marines/Zealots, the fighters will duel for mines and players will have to face the choice of going early rush and produce more fighters or going to Tech 2 to bring the devestating Corellians/Tartars into play.

I like the potential of this 1.05 change.

On a seperate note I think Tie Scouts and Z Wings are next to useless.
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