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Originally Posted by swaaye
A Corvette has like 2 guns. How can it annihilate fighters? The Imperial "Tartan" or whatever is stupid too. Imperials should have a Lancer frigate. That is a ship designed for whipping fighters asses.

They balanced the crap out of the game with no regard for the true ship designs laid down in many books over the years. This is why I haven't played anything but the demo. That was enough for me. Rebellion is the superior game.

A TIE Bomber with torpedos could cripple one quick. That's how it should be.
Champ, your right on a number of points. It is a shame they didnt blend Rebellion and EaW. The plantary conquest in Rebellion is still way better than in EaW although you would have to say Rebellion is more strategically focused than EaW. What really craps me is when you have a massive fleet hovering over a planet in EaW and you can't orbital bombard the crap out of the enemy on the planet. Jesus, this is how warfare is nowadays even with our comparably primitive tech level. Instead its like land with a handful of units and the enemy gets to hit you with everything.

Back to this debate, fighters are not very useful. Corvette class is really way too powerful. It amazes me how fast they can shred numerous squardrons. It should take two salvoes of torpedoes to destroy a corvette but it doesnt. And they can take a fair hammering from Turbolasers too. They should not be anywhere near that tough. If they have to be made cheaper, do it. I am really disappointed at how slow TIEs are too. Sure they are weak, they are supposed to be, but they are no where near as fast as they are suppossed to be.

You can do alot of things with fighters/bombers but if you factor in cost,losses, time, etc, they are the worst way to to do it.
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