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A fabulous ending, machievelli. A different take on the relationship between Malak and Revan; opportunity lost. A very clear perspective on Malak's motivations, first propelled by love and then by hate. I must have missed the ability Ajunta Pall gave Danika, to reach out with the Force and pull the life force of others from their bodies. And then the idea of a force grenade, making it possible to destroy the Star Forge. I thought that was a novel idea. Congratulations on a captivating, well constructed ending to your KotOR saga.

P.S. Thanks for adding in the story of how Malak lost his jaw. I was really hoping his missing jaw would have resulted from a lightsaber cut but I didn't want to influence your decision in the matter so I didn't say anything. I did like how you noted the medic used pen tubes to connect his severed arteries. That was cool and gross at the same time.

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