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Originally Posted by noodle6
i asked this question a bit earlier but havent got a reply yet.
the map editor doesnt seem to start, ive reinstalled, redownloaded and repaired but it doesnt seem to start. i have it installed in the same folder as the game.
also after i downloaded the patch (more than once) when i try to apply the update and it starts copying files i get an error message telling me 'Directory is invalid! the target files could not be created'
i have no clue how i should go about fixing this, ive reinstalled the game, redownloaded the update and down everything i can think of but cant get it to work

any help you can give me would be great

I suggest that firstly you uninstall EaW. If you want to keep your saved games, put them in a folder on your desktop. Install EaW as normal then install the patch then map editor. When installing the editor, it will come up with its own path to install to - select it. Once installed, select the map editor from START > PROGRAM FILES > Lucasarts > Empire at War > Petroglyph Map Editor.

I strongly suggest that you have nothing else running in the background whilst using the editor and re-installing the game ( Like anti virus, virtual drives etc)

If you are still having problems, post in the tech centre forum where it can be seen better

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