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Bringing back an old thread.

The problem is that the ending cutscene of the Vjun level wonīt play properly (After "killing" Rosh)
Screen is totaly black and I can only hear the womans first line.
I have tried cam_disable, but it wonīt let me finnish the level.
I had to use noclip earlier to get past another cutscene where Kyle got stuck (After the water pumps are turnend on).

I havenīt had any problems with other levels or cutscenes.

I have tried replaying the level, reinstalling, playing with patch (1.01) and without the patch. I have also tried it with different kinds of setup options.

Is there a cheat to finish a level?

If there is no solution could somebody send me a save after this level. (At the start of one of the Tier 3 missions)
If you have mind trick at 3 it would be great, since I canīt find a cheat to change that one.
I have a zabrac female similar to the one you can see in the loadscreen.
Mine is only colored mint and has the first head option.

But it wonīt matter just send me a save.

Sorry, send it here

Thanks in advance.

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