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"I'll tell you how. You're not the only one who has loved and lost. See, not all clones are created from the same DNA, and not all clones are the same gender. In fact, five years ago, a female clone commando was the leader of Gamma Squad. Her name was ... Amidala. Not long after Gamma Squad was formed, we fell in love. Unfortunately, the Kaminoans found out about this, and had Amidala transferred to another Squad, and put Blade in her place. For a long time I hated Blade and how he had replaced my beloved, especially after I had learned of her death on Onderon. Now I respect and admire Blade as leader of Gamma Squad and as a person, but I still remember Amidala." Demo replied.
Komad listened to the voice of his mother's ghost "Alright, let's head out with the marines. We're outnumbered, and it's obvious that they're the last survivors." Komad said, deactivating his lightsaber and making his way to the elevator back to the Lower City.

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