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Originally Posted by Darth Jester
Yay for lappys XD (sorry im in a random mood today) anyway this would make a great comic (if only it was allowed)

I am seriously artistically impaired. I appreciate great art very much, but I cannot do it myself. My penmenship is better in Arabic than it is in English (which is commentary both on how well my prof taught Arabic penmenship and how truly awful my handwriting is). I have trouble drawing stick people and I never have been able to color in the lines. If there is such a thing as art dyslexia, I have it--I can see it in my head but can't make my hands create the picture. The only artsy thing I can do is scrapbook, but that's because there are lots of magazines with layouts that I can copy/adapt and I have fun/cool tools that make it a lot easier to do. Nor am I particularly bothered by not being able to do art--everyone has strengths and weaknesses and my skills lay in other areas.

So, it would never make it to comic book status unless there's an artistic miracle in my life.

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