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Originally Posted by Web Rider
oh, well I've got a whole folder of modded XMLs(since I'm playing a modded version of the game) so that shouldnt be a problem.

New question, I saw this asked by somebody else, but the answer for it dosent seem to fix the problem...anyway, I've got this massive map, and I test it every 10 miniutes or so, but every time I got this "invisible wall" that seems to go arouns in my map, and apparently it's not just one, it seems there are a number of them, all over the map that are keeping me from going, well, pretty much anywhere. What causes this? Whats the remedy?

If this a land map, it sounds like the passability got randomized somehow. Go to the height tab of the editor and select passability from the drop-down. If you have a whole bunch of red blotches all over the map, that's your problem - just use the "clear" passability and clean them out, or pick the "reset passability" from the menu.

If it's a space map, I'm not sure what the problem is, since there isn't really any passability in space other than the objects themselves.

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