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Chapter 4: Assault on the Forward Command Post---------------------------------------------------------//
Iota Trail – Mygeeto Mission Clock 03:40 //

Hunter could see Ace and Kin on their AT – RTs ahead of them, down on the main assault path. He slammed a new clip into his decee, and adjusted his ammunition belt as he ran. He was scanning the area for any turrets that were in range. “Turret spotted,” Hunter informed his squad.

While running, Storm locked onto the turret manually and adjusted his angle. The turret spotted them and swiveled so that its main cannons faced them. Iota Squad had given up trying to be covert, and now, was just trying to catch up with the rest of the 501st. The turret recoiled as a blast of light came out from the end of the barrel attached to the turret. Max motioned for them to run faster. If they could, then the mortar might fly over their head, but Storm almost slowed down. He could see the turret fire from the scope on his missile launcher. Then, he locked on.
“Permission to fire?” Storm asked trying to keep the lock while running.

“FIRE!” Max shouted, as the rocket exited the launcher and sent smoke out the back, into Max’s face. The force of the rocket tried to push Max and Storm back into the mortar fire, but they wouldn’t allow that. Storm struggled to stay on his feet and running while Max came up from behind.

Max couldn’t see the mortar round land, for his visor was covered with soot form the rocket fuel, but he knew that it was coming. “Now!” Hunter yelled into the comm. system and he and Flash dove forward into a roll, trying to get away from the explosive round that landed behind them.

Max heard Hunter’s shout and rammed into Storm’s back, forcing him to dive forward. “Why didn’t it go off?” Max asked as he lay on the cold ground of Mygeeto, with his hands covering his head. He looked up just in time to see the AA turret swivel and launch a mortar randomly into the MAP before the missile that Storm had launched at it, what seemed like an hour ago, wasted it. Max couldn’t see where the turrets last shot landed because of a large explosion that went off behind them. “There it is,” he choked.

The mortar blast that landed behind Iota Squad sent chunks of rock and ice in their direction, but they were far enough away that it wasn’t fatal. However, it was still very dangerous trying to doge rocks the size of Jawas.

“Nice job soldiers. We’ve taken out all of the forward facing turrets. You’re free to take the CP on my mark. Just let me know when you’re in position,” Commander Spike said over the platoon comm. system.

Max wiped the rest of the soot off of his visor and got his first clear view of the area after the blast. The mortar hit just ten meters to their six, but that was enough to save their lives. He suddenly realized that all of his squad was coming to help him.

“You okay, Lead?” Flash asked, reaching out to help him up.

“Yeah, I’m fine,” Max replied, taking Flash’s hand and brushing off smoke and dirt. “Let’s get up in position. I think that the droids are retreating into the CP. Once we capture that, we’ll have some time to rest. For now, we need to keep moving.”

“Right,” Hunter said and ran ahead on point. The forward command post was very close now and it was bigger than anyone had imagined. It might take longer than they thought to clear the place. For now, they just had to worry about getting in it.

“MAP squads are in position,” Ace said.

“Kappa Squad is too,” Caleb informed. “How’re you, Iota Squad?”

“Iota Squad is coming into position,” came Max. Hunter ducked low behind some rocks and the scraps of one of the turrets. He could see their path across the Blood Bath Plaza, the name for the area outside the forward command post. The rest of Iota Squad was running into position. They got down next to Hunter taking deep breaths. “Iota, ready.”

“Good,” said Commander Spike. “On my mark you will perform the maneuver that we’ve practiced for this. The single file AT – RTs will be the spearhead. Individual squads will come in from the sides in a scattered order. Ready, MARK!”

The AT – RTs moved with astonishing speed in a single file line. No droids came to oppose them and no mines had to be deactivated. It was scary. “What’s you’re hostile count, Iota?” Caleb asked confused.

“Zip over here. You?” Max came back.

“None. Ready to go?”

“I think so. We’ll go on your mark,” Max said. “Is everyone ready?” Storm reloaded his rocket launcher and laid it on the ground, aiming it at the barricade surrounding the command post.

“Ready here, Lead,” Storm replied.

“Okay squads,” Commander Spike said. “Put a rocket through the wall and have two people go in to provide cover for the next two. We’re going in now. On Ace’s mark.”

“Three, two, one!” Ace shouted before he launched a grenade at the barricade blowing a hole in it.

“See you over there,” Max told Flash and Storm as he and Hunter departed down the slope towards the CP. “Fire the missile once we get about twenty meters from the wall, okay.”

“Roger that,” Storm said. “Good luck.” Max and Hunter ran as fast as they could for the barricade. They were thirty meters away and still no sign of hostiles. Hunter looked around and saw the glint of metallic armor behind a large rock.

“Ohsh!” Hunter shouted.

“We’ve got droids here!” Caleb shouted. “Lots of them!” Hunter could hear blaster bolts whizzing by him, but when he looked back he wasn’t prepared to see hundreds of droids pouring out from behind rocks and small buildings.

“Get back to defensive positions!” Commander Spike ordered. “We can’t afford to loose so many men in this situation. Find cover!”

“We can make it!” Hunter shouted. “Shoot it, Storm!” Storm pulled the trigger on his rocket launcher and a rocket flew from the end of it. Their position was covered in smoke. “Almost there.”

A rocket flew over Max and Hunter’s head. It hit the barricade and blew a hole in it. “Nice shot, Storm!” Max called back. “We’re gonna make it!” But their celebration ended early when blaster bolts started pouring out of the newly formed hole in the barricade.

“Fierfek!” Hunter swore and dove to the side to avoid the shots. He chucked a thermal in and felt the ground shake as droid parts spattered the area. Just then, Separatist mercenaries dropped from the top of the forward command post on zip lines. Hunter started shooting up at them, but he couldn’t take his eyes off the droids coming in from the other sides. He looked up at the cloud of smoke where Storm and Flash were providing cover fire for them. It wasn’t enough.

Up at the assault starting position, Storm fanned away the smoke, trying to get some clear shots at some droids. Suddenly he heard footsteps from behind him. “Freeze!” A voice said. Storm turned around to see about ten Separatist mercenaries, standing with their blaster rifles ready.

Down near the barricade, Max and Hunter were fighting for their lives. They backed up against the barricade and found a small nook that provided some cover. They were spewing out blaster fire and every bolt found a mark, for there were too many to miss. Hunter ducked back and paused to reload. It was a wonder that they were still alive. After all, they’d entered the Blood Bath.

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