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Chapter 5: Blood Bath Plaza-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------//
Blood Bath Plaza – Mygeeto Mission Clock 04:30 //

Hunter checked his ammo count. He’d have to start using his ammo better if he wanted to survive, but there were so many droids. He poked his rifle out of his nook and unloaded the clip into the wall of advancing droids. Suddenly, one of Trandoshan mercenaries dropped down and landed on Max’s back; his rifle was pointed at the back of Max’s neck, ready to fire.

“No you don’t,” Hunter said casually, ejecting his vibro blade and plunging it into the back of the Trandoshan’s skull. Hunter lifted him up and smashed him into the wall, twisting his fist as he went. He removed his blade and let the body fall limp to the ground.

“Hunter, I’m in need of your fire,” Max said. Hunter looked and saw that the droid lines were just ten meters from their position.

“Alright he said. Just a minute.” Hunter grabbed the dead mercenary’s rifle and strapped on his ammunition belt. He reloaded and started firing. “We need to find another place to hide. Here, use this rifle too. You’ll take out more with two guns than with one.”

“Sure thing. What do you have in mind, Hunter?”

“I was thinking of taking the command post.”

“You’re crazy.”

“Yeah, well, I’d guess that we’d have better luck inside than out here,” Hunter said, finishing off another clip and switching to his pistol.

“True, but we can’t just leave Storm and Flash here out here.”

“We’ve got to get to them and mount another assault.”

“You mean go all the way back there?”

“I don’t know. Let’s just back up and find some cover to skip our way across,” Hunter suggested.

Max looked at the oncoming droids. “Why not. We’ll die if we stay here.”

“Great, let’s go.” Max packed up his stuff and kicked the dead mercenary as he passed. Then, as an afterthought, grabbed the mercenary’s grenades and lobbed them all at once at the advancing line of droids. There was a whump and it began to rain oil for a moment.

Hunter and Max pulled out their pistols and held them next to their cheeks, trying to blend in with the barricade surrounding the command post. More wet mercenaries started to drop from the roof of the command post, which loomed high above.

Hunter and Max ran to the sides and caught the Trandoshan mercenaries in crossfire. A puddle of green blood developed at the base of the barricade wall while the Trandoshans themselves remained strapped to their zip lines. Hunter aimed at one of their backpacks and squeezed the trigger on his pistol. The shot made contact and exploded, sending the mercenary skyward. The dead Trandoshan got caught on the zip line and was smashed back into the side of the CP, spattering even more blood.

“Why’d you do that?” Max asked.

“Come on, I’m just trying to have a little fun,” Hunter replied. The war had gotten to him. I would get to all of them. Their platoon-training sergeant had warned them.

Just then, a blaster bolt hit Hunter in the back. He fell to the ground and searched for the enemy that did it. He saw a droid and lined up its head in his pistol’s scope. The droid’s head disappeared in a flash of blue sparks. Then he drifted off…

Back at the assault checkpoint, Storm and Flash were faced with a difficult decision. They were outnumbered one to five, but they couldn’t just let themselves be captured while Max and Hunter got pummeled in the Blood Bath. “Drop your weapons,” the mercenary leader commanded.

Storm lowered his pistol from firing position; Flash stood up straight. “Attack,” Storm whispered into his helmet. They both brought their pistols up and shot simultaneously. Swiftly, they jabbed their vibro blades into the nearest mercenary and used his body for cover. They backed up and dove behind a rock.

“Flush, ‘em out,” the leader ordered, but they didn’t have a chance to. A well-placed grenade lay at their feet. The mercenary group didn’t even have a chance to scream before they were all dead.

“We’ve got to get to Max and Hunter,” Flash told Storm adjusting his equipment. Storm shot some plasma into one of the mercenary’s bodies that twitched. The twitching stopped. The war was getting to him too.

Storm let out a low chuckle. “Yeah, let’s go,” he said. One of the AT – RTs came towards their position and started wiping out the droids that filled the lines, were closing in on their position. Heavy lasers and mortar rounds ate away, leaving nothing but blackened ground and random flames.

Storm and Flash took advantage of the opportunity and stared across Blood Bath Plaza. They did a series of sprints and rolls to evade the droid’s blaster fire. Kin had it under control from the top of the AT – RT. What once was cool, blue ice ground was now a blacked pile of ash and different colors of blood, including metallic blue droid juices. That was what made up the bulk of the color. As they ran, this debris kicked up on their backs. They could see Max leaning over Hunter.

“Fierfek, what happened to Hunter?” Storm asked. They ran closer and Pi Squad came to greet them, two of their soldiers missing.

“It’s amazing that we survived that,” the leader of Pi Squad commented. I’m lucky to have one of my squadmates left.

“That was a pretty bad Blood Bath,” Max commented as he looked around at the environment. Even the sky was gray with war. “They never had anything like that in the simulations.”

“Amen, to that, brother,” Pi Lead said as Storm and Flash came to a halt near them. “I don’t think that they would have expected a surprise attack, especially by the Trandoshans. The AT – RTs swept what area’s they could for droids. The laser shields blocked their paths around the command post. It was once again clear of hostiles. “I guess we’d better be taking our positions. Good luck on the entry.”

“You too,” Max said. The two men of Pi Squad departed for their position.

Hunter started to rouse just as Commander Spike came through on their comm. system. “Alright forces, you’ve survived this long. Let’s capture that command post. I’m having our advisors patch your demo positions to your holo maps. Stand by.”

Hunter sat up. “Wow,” he said. “That was a good shot.”

“You’re lucky that your backpack took the brunt of the hit,” Flash commented.

“Yeah, well. Let’s just hope that some of my equipment still works.” Storm had checked the holo map and was already wiring a charge by the time the rest of Iota Squad caught up.

“Here’s the detonation remote, boss,” Storm said, handing Max the remote.

“Thanks, Storm. Get into breach formation around the detonation area,” Max ordered. The remote detonator consisted of a power pack and a ribbon that strung its way up and across the wall. A charge would go through it and blast its way in.

“Alright squads. Get ready,” Commander Spike said. “Now capture that command post. We’ll be there momentarily.” Iota Squad stood around the demolition area, pistols ready. Max squeezed the trigger and the wall caved in. Storm threw a routine grenade in before they infiltrated. It was clean, no hostiles.

“Iota Squad is in.”

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