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Originally Posted by Apocalypse|TFL
To the people of EaW and to all the Clans and their leaders.

Over the past week or two TFL have been unjustly accused of the following;

Script Editing.

Now, I used to find it a compliment when I was accused of cheating, I would always find amusement in the poor chap's discomfort and being so utterly trounced that he has to come up with some form of excuse to disguise his own poor skill, BUT when rival clans start spreading these rumours around then it starts to bother me.

[WFE] have been especially guilty in this recently, accusing us of script editing. Why? Because they lost a 3 v 2 to TFL, It would actually have been a 4 v 2 but one of their guys quit. Says a lot for [WFE] doesn't it? The moral here? Don't act like a pro infront of a TFL because you WILL be called out.

As far as I know, there are NO known cheats for online EaW, it is NOT possible to play an online game using a 'hacked' file and I'll be damned if I know how to script edit. TFL is a highly skilled clan, quite easily the best in space (team based). We regularly go searching across all the servers for rival clans to face and we beat them, every last single one of them. We do this with sheer Determination, Skill and Pride. We are proud of our reputation that we have built among the skilled clans and there isn't a soul in TFL who would even dream of tarnishing it.

The clans we have come up against beaten can be found here :

As you can see there have been a few clans to fall victim to TFL;


There would have been more but syncs stopped some games from being won, There will be MORE. So for those bitter and twisted players/clans who can't handle defeat, don't call us cheaters as we will simply destroy you any way YOU choose.
hey...i thoought we agreed tht it didnt count since jarmen was in training .god if only rico was there! never did answered me util 2 hours later....It was also a shame u guys didn join in CMI tourny, would have been fun.So far, only clan that i know cheats is....forgot name, DSL?DLS? starts with a D.

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