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Chapter 1: The Birth of the Empire

Anakin entered the Lambada class shuttle leaving his Jedi Master, Sith Master and wife behind on Mustafar. He was headed for Coruscant to inform the members of the senate of his reign. When he reached Coruscant through hyperspace, he immediatly made his way to the Galactic Hub to annonce his reign. Members of the Senate were surprized to see Anakin instead of Sidious.
"I am Darth Vader, your new Emperor" announced Anakin, chatter scattered all over the place asking why Anakin has taken Sidious' place.
"What makes you think you can push us around, Sith Apprentice?" asked Senator Organa
"Sith Apprentice?"
"Yes, our alliegience wasn't even to Palpatine at all what makes you think we'll be loyal to you?"
"This..." Anakin raised his hand and Senator Organa's hovering platform became unstable, Anakin then sent it plunging to the floor! "If any of you even thinks about separtism, you can join Organa..." warned Anakin. No one spoke back. "Good!"

On Pollis Massa, Yoda dropped to the floor and his face was scrunched up as if he was about to cry. "Failed Obi-Wan has!" Yoda didn't bother to move.

In his office, Anakin sat thinking.
"What do we do now?" asked Anakin's advisor.
"What are we gonna do...? We hunt down Yoda, That's what we're gonna do" replied Anakin "Make sure I'm uncontested in my reign... wipe out that itch on my arm" he ordered.
"Yes my master, I'll prepare the army-"
"NO! He's one Jedi, I'm gonna do it on my own, show anyone that dare oppose me what will happen to treason" declared Anakin
"Y-y-yes m-m-master"
"Is the prototype to the new ships ready?" Anakin asked.
"Only the prototype my lord" answered Anakin's advisor
"Then I leave now" Anakin took a newly built ship that sort of looked like a tie, and left to find Yoda.

Anakin searched all across the galaxy and found an iscolated asteroid base, Anakin thought that would be the perfect place for Yoda to hide. Anakin searched all over the place and found Yoda he did. Anakin drew his saber.
"Stop, Anakin!" told Yoda "have to do this, you do not!"
"Save your preaching tratior!" ordered Anakin "Your words mean nothing to me, the Jedi shall become one with the Force this day!"
"Be it so" said Yoda, Yoda then drew his saber and the two started fighting. Strong blows from Anakin forced Yoda to frequently make a run for it but Anakin found him one way or another. He then followed Yoda and cornered him in a small room. Yoda dropped his saber.
"See if you will strike down a defenseless prisoner, we shall" said Yoda
"I am not a Jedi, old midget!" replied Anakin "I have no need for mercy!" Anakin shot a bolt of lightning and started killing Yoda. The more Yoda screamed, the more Anakin laughed, Anakin had completely fallen to the Dark Side. Yoda stopped screaming and started twitching after a while of lightning.
"Now to make sure" Anakin said to himself holding his saber. Anakin impaled Yoda and Yoda stopped twitching. The Jedi are no more.

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