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Chapter 2: Two There Shall Be; No More; No Less; One Embodying; One Craving;

Anakin stood over Yoda's dead and charred body saying to himself "I've fallen so far, how the hell could he believe there was hope in me?"
A figure wearing a mask walked out of nowhere and said to him "Because there always is, at least in the Jedi point of view, but you choose not to embrace it, so you choose to embody power and only power!"
"Who are you?!" asked Anakin.
"I am like you" replied the figure "A fallen Jedi, an all powerful Sith, or at least I was four-thousand years ago"
"I need a name!" demanded Anakin.
"Okay, my name is Darth Revan" answered the figure.
"What do you want from me" asked Anakin.
"From you?! Nothing!" Revan replied, "Except to help you."
"I don't need your help!" yelled Anakin.
"Oh I believe you do," told Revan "You were always over-confident and arrogant Vader! I've been watching you for thirteen years, I've seen your incident with the Sand-"
"BITE YOUR TONGUE!!!" demanded Anakin
"Anakin, you are not a Sith yet!"
"Who are you telling me what I am and what I am not"
"YODA STOPPED FIGHTING BECAUSE HE DIDN'T SEE YOU AS A TRUE SITH!" roared Revan "You do not have a Sith army, Skywalker! Hell you are so arrogant, you went to take Yoda alone, without an apprentice to watch your back! He could've been planning a rebellion, he could've had armed men here!"
Anakin started breathing deeply, "What do you propose I do?" asked Anakin.
"I propose you rebuild the Jedi Temple into a Sith Temple, build an army and find an apprentice to follow in your footsteps."
"Okay, but you are only a ghost, what asset are you to me?" asked Anakin.
"I can only be seen be you, I can be your advisor." answered Revan "I'll meet you on Coruscant."

Revan dissapeared, Anakin jumped into his Tie Fighter and made his way to Coruscant.
Back on Coruscant, Anakin went back into his office and sat down in his chair.
"Have you completed your task, my lord?" asked Anakin's advisor.
"I'm here arent I?" answered Anakin, "You're lucky Polis Massa was close to Coruscant this year, there was no effort to put a Hyperdrive into that starfighter...! Anyway we've got work to do, I want the researchers busting their asses off in improving that fighter, and I want the engineers and construction workers rebuilding the Jedi Temple into one of the Sith!"
"Yes master"

Weeks later, the Sith Temple had been built and Anakin had some welcoming to do.
"Welcome, my Sith Army to be! I am Anakin Skywalker but you will address me as Master, or Lord Vader! Here I will teach you in the ways of the Dark Side of the Force the more powerful and intimidating alignment! The most powerful out of all of you shall have the privilage of being my apprentice to take my place when the time comes" announced Anakin.
"Repeat the Code of the Sith after me... Peace is a lie!"
"There is only Passion!"
"Through Passion I gain Strength!"
"Through Strength I gain power!"
"Through Power I gain Victory!"
"Through Victory my chains are broken!"
"The Force shall free me!"

Through months and months of his army training his army, Anakin saw two equally powerful individuals and asked them to step into the throne room.
"I've been watching you two, very closely" Anakin told the two, "but only one can be my apprentice..."
"What would you have us do?" asked a beautiful female Twi-Lek
"I will have you fight to the death" answered Anakin
"Why the death?" asked a tall man
"Because the Sith do not have time for mercy, that's why!" growled Anakin, "... begin."

The two students fought a fierce battle knowing one will only walk out alive! After fierce swings and chops the battle was won... by the Twi-lek!
"What is your name?" asked Anakin.
"Oola..." replied the Twi-lek.
"You shall now be known as Darth.. Slaaf"
"Thank you... my master" replied Oola.

P.S: Slaaf is Dutch for Slave

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