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Originally Posted by saurumonk
You can duel efficiently with force jump 0 and attack lvl 1 with single stance.... those dont matter at all. the best powers are mindtrick and absorb... which make no difference in a ja+ mod cuz their grip is set to level 4 and will auto-disrupt your absorb to help them win with flip kicks... that is why noone with real skills play slider's mod and plays base duels instead.

ctf and true ffa are different however, but how many true servers you actually see out there these days?

Well it depends on your definition of 'true'. One could argue that the very reason there is so much diversity in JK2 is because the creators intended for it to be modifiable.

Of course there are those that are against scripting on the same grounds..yawn... I think that if the makers of this game were hung up on a 'true form' then they would have created it as such.
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