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Originally Posted by nas77
Hey everyone,

I'm considering whether or not E@W is worth getting. Read some reviews and the screenies look tempting, but then the "Is E@W losing it's thrill?" thread doesn't sound too promising. But what I wanted to know in particular is: is it actually strategic? I know it's labelled as an RTS but in playing it did you find yourself coming up with strategies and tactics, or was it more about mindlessly spreading your units across the map. Was it more like C&C or Civilization or buttering your toast in the morning?

Well it is fun at first but i think it gets boring pretty fast. If you want a game that you'll get bored of after 1-2 weeks this isn't the game for you. Secondly, you have to consider if you enjoy RTS games. If not then this is not the type of game for you. Thats my personal opinion, it gets boring fast.

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