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TSLPatcher v1.2.7b5

I've uploaded an updated version of TSLPatcher and ChangeEdit. This is just a mini-version with a new feature someone requested recently, nothing major.

The only new feature is that there is now an option that lets the TSLPatcher auto-detect the location of the game folder to install in, rather than ask the user to select it. The Settings panel in ChangeEdit has been modified to allow toggling this setting. It's off by default, resulting in the standard behavior of asking for the install location. If it's activated it allows you to set which game (KotOR1 or TSL) the mod is for (and which consequently will be looked up in the Windows Registry).

(I suppose it may be useful to some since a few people seems to have trouble distinguishing between the Game and Override folders. Perhaps a simple mistake to make if you aren't into modding the games.)

The download link is in the first post in this thread if anyone is interested.

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