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Originally Posted by MacLeodCorp
I agree. The game is way too simple. There is too much point, click, build, fight, (repeat)...

I find using the Empire at any level is similar to using a cheat code. They crush the Republic too easily.
yes, we all understand that you don't like the game. is there really a point to you trying to come in and let everybody know whenever you've already done so several times before?? quite whining about it and move on, please.

as for the actual thread subject, i can say that GC singleplayer on hard is probably a bit too hard. don't get me wrong, it isn't overly challenging, but it's perhaps a bit too difficult to set your own plans in motion initially since you're forced to react to the AI until things reach an equilibrium of sorts.

hehe, its still quite rewarding, though, to catch the Rebel AI off guard by "abandoning" a planet (in space only) that's connected via a trade route and then quickly traveling back whenever the rebels try to attack with some puny force.

i still wish the AI was a bit more 'human' like. but if i want that, i'll just go online.

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