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One of our smaller local cinemas had an "Indiana Jones"-triple last week... that was really cool. The mood was just perfect, and watching these films in a cinema filled with people who LOVE them (otherwise they wouldn't have bothered to waste 8 hours of their lives) was a fantastic experience. I've never seen them on the big screen before, so I was very excited. The image quality was surprisingly good for films of that age. Of course, "Raiders" contained some quite grainy and scratchy sequences, but with each movie the percentage of bad quality parts shrunk, and "Crusade" didn't look worse than a new film being in theaters for a couple of weeks. The most laughters went into any actor's German lines (the movies were shown in English), since some of them are REALLY badly tanslated and/or performed (although I was positively surprised as to how many actual German actors were in the movie who delivered perfect German lines).

I'll definitely be up for another "multiple" like this... be it "Star Wars" (OOT), "Back to the Future" or "Jurassic Park".

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