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"This is Advisor Zarlak, come in RC-1270. What is your situation?" Said a voice through the com.


Darth Caos entered a medium size controll center inside the sepertists research base. There was plenty of controll panels and behind each, there was a tech droid. On the obversation platform a rather large trandosians.
"Status!?" Requested Caos
"We have intruders. They have been confronted by droids but the intruders are killing them faster than podracers in the grand final. Why do the CIS give us those perfectic mechs when they have mercs like us?" Reported the large trandosian commander.
"Because they're idiots. Now remenber, I don't want any merc leaving this building. Is that clear?"
"Yes sir. Those stupid clones wouldn't get there hands on the gas." said the commander proudly.
"I don't care about the god damm gas. Just make sure those fools don't even hear the name Project 212. Or else you shall suffer the worst pain any trandosian can ever recieve!"

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