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Thanks bud.

Y'know, after about the hundreth time my little avatar plunged wailing to their death in Jedi Academy and Jedi Outcast I was just like yelling at the computer "WHY?! Why would you build something and put a bottomless pit inside? Is there NOTHING that could go there? Isn't there anything at all that could fill that fifty story drop into utter darkness?! Guns? Ships? Storage space? Dutch coffee bar? Nothing at all...?"

Even with my meagre understanding of military ship design, one thing I do know is that form follows function, right? Submarines generally don't have ballrooms with 80 foot high vaulted ceilings, do they? Even just walking through the Ravager in TSL, when you hit that main area that branches off, it was just bizarre. Here's about three stories just containing air. Watching the original trilogy and seeing these completely illogical bottomless pits, I always imagined status reports being read to Tarkin like "Well sir, we've completed assembly of the Death Star, all weapons systems check out fully, and...oh yes, another eighty crew members went tumbling down that bottomless pit over there to certain death. Should we begin training their replacements, or should we just shoot them now?"

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