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Originally Posted by MacLeodCorp
I agree. The game is way too simple. There is too much point, click, build, fight, (repeat)...

I find using the Empire at any level is similar to using a cheat code. They crush the Republic too easily.
Perhaps you would like to play the game once again; the Empire fights the Rebels. Maybe you didn't watch Star Wars Episode 3, when the Republic turns into the Empire. Pretty hard to miss that...

I really think at the beginning of the Galactic Conquest, the Empire has the advantage with the Acclamators and such. But later in the game, Rebellion has the upper hand. Mon Cal > ISD for the battle of the capitals, and you have the Ion Cannon that > Hypervelocity Cannon later in the game, but for mid game, I do believe the Empire dominates with Boba, the VSD, and the Broadsides.

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