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Looking to start a clan

I'm thinking about starting a clan about all-out brawling without people whining about "laming" when they get killed because they stupidly let down their lightsaber (I'll rant more later). So here are some rules and some other stuff.

Purpose: To allow people who want to do so battle without restrictions on guns/force or people whining about "laming". I already said that, though.

Intended mod: Open Jedi Project, I don't care if it doesn't have any admin functions, it fits the need for the clan's purpose.

Ideal clan map: One good for all-out brawls or action, a duel map should have some guns in it aswell so the clan's purpose fits in.

Chatting: First and foremost, the clan server should not be filled with idiots that treat it like a 3D chatroom. Chatting whilst actually playing should be a-ok, just no chatting all the time.

Voting: Allow it, but should be turned off if it's abused.

Private dueling: Not sure if OJP allows it, but guns and full-force should be allowed. If the duelers don't want those in, they shouldn't use them.

CTF: Allow it, standard rules set for the clan should apply, unless the rule doesn't work for CTF.

Siege: Clan rules apply, yadda yadda.

"Laming": Don't whine about it, and since "laming" isn't a good name, call it "Struck down whilst too cocky", or SDWTC.

Abuse, flaming and flooding: Warn offender first and second time, temp ban for third time, fourth is perma ban.

Pure: Yes.

If you want to help, email me or contact me via AIM/Trillian.

Email: (Don't know why I chose that)
AIM: CuckooMan789 (Don't contact unless I don't respond yo your email for a long time)

I might need some help with these:
The clan website
Name for the clan

Give me some feedback, okay? Just don't suggest things that conflict with the clan's purpose, like "Don't allow laming!!!!1111!!" or "Make it follow the honor code!!111!!" or things like "Go out into the street and shoot yourself, you failure at life.", and yeah, that's about it.

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