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Chapter 3: The Naboo Uprising

"You are progressing well, Lord Vader." told Revan.
"Thank you." replied Anakin, "But I must return to the Galactic Hub to get the Senate members into giving control of their planets over to me."
"What will you do if they do not" asked Revan.
"The Senator that refuses will suffer the same fate as Bail Organa, and the planet will be givin to me by force" told Anakin.
"Good... good." said Revan.

Anakin made his way to the Galactic Hub and was going to force the Senators to give him power over their planets because Palpatine couldn't make that happen when Anakin killed him. "Okay I am going to have total control over the galaxy as of this moment, you will sign this document to give control of your planets over to me!" ordered Anakin. Chatter went out and about over Anakin's order. "I'm going to give you two options, the first is that you hand your planet over to me, the second is that you join Senator Organa." Even more chatter scattered, then a senator came forward.
"I will sign this document of yours... Emperor." obeyed the senator of Manaan.
"Smart move on your part" said Anakin.
Senators kept coming forward to sign Anakin's document all but one, the new senator of Naboo.
"Why do you not sign my document?" asked Anakin
"Because our alleigence is to the Republic, not you...! Naboo demands its full independence!" demanded the senator of Naboo.
"Request... denied!" replied Anakin.
Anakin raised his hand, lowered it and then the senator and his advisors fell right down to join Senator Organa.
"You're all smart people" told Anakin.

Anakin raced back into the Sith Temple and ordered his Oola to ready the 501st legion of Troops and the 107th legion of Dark Jedi for they attack Naboo immedietly!

Aboard his flagship The Executor he gave his army a briefing on what they were going to accomplish. "My fellow troopers and warriors, we attack the planet of Naboo, for their incompetent senator refused to sign my document, for that they will pay! We will show no mercy, we will teach them the penalty for defying me!"

Anakin sent his troopers down first to let them weaken the Naboo Royal Guards and penatrate their defences. The troopers managed to end up having the Royal Palace flanked, to that event, Anakin and Oola went down in a tank with all the Dark Jedi to finish the Queen. The Queen had been sheltering some renegade Jedi who left the Order during the Clone War, and she had unleashed them against Anakin's army. Anakin took them all down one by one and went to hunt down the Queen who was making a break for it. The Troopers blocked her way out of the city and took her prisoner and brought her to Anakin.
"What do you reckon we should do with her, My Lord?" asked a Storm Trooper. Anakin looked at the river and and then ordered the Trooper to bind her hands and feet and let her drown.

Meanwhile on a distant planet,
"Miss, reconnisance shows that Naboo has been taken the hard way... your husband led that campaign" told an officer "What do we do?"
"I don't know what to do, Captain *sniff*" said Anakin's wife Padme.
Padme dropped her head and started crying because of Anakin's evil ways.

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