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NPC behavior

Lol, sorry if I keep asking hard to answer questions. You see, I learned how to easily make NPCs and change their behavior ect. I was making a blue cultist that was on the lightside and gave it like 400 force and some other nice force powers like mind trick (to see if NPCs know how to use mind trick) and having some fun. I gave him melee as you would expect. Unfortunately when I spawned my cultist buddy he behaved like a gran boxer and didn't use his force powers but rather used the gran style of punching. I made sure he was the right class which was the reborn class (the class you gives sets their general behavior) and all that. Any help with getting him to act like a cultist would be appreciated. Also, I'm just wondering, whenever I give an NPC melee, they punch like grans, is it possible to get yourself to punch like that? I know its probably hard coded NPC behavior, but is it possible to give NPCs normal melee (what you get when you do give weapon_melee)?
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