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ya know what, i think you are the Noob here.I am from -=SK=- and ive been on that many times and guess what, its a whole lot better than any other server ive seen. are you the type of noob that loves to lame then? because i guarantee any half minded fool hates lamers. how would you like it if you're sitting there and all of a sudden you are killed by a noob lamer? i hate it and so do most people. as for your fun rating, your an indiot. just the other day they had an FFA in the streets, and they have alot of special events during the week. they're members are really cool and treat you with respect. now for that Ventrilo thing. if you're in an actual state of the art clan then requires Ventrilo, why not just do it? you can talk to the guys if you need help and if they wanna let you know somethin, it really comes in handy when you can tell them right then and there. and your tag issue is preposterous. if you are in a clan, youre going to want to represent it the best you can. having the wrong tags on makes a clan seem noobish like there is no order. you wanna talk about skill challenge Dante or Valc. most the time i visit the AOD server, i see Dante in there and he will kill anyone. and dont think im a noob, im actually good at both jk2 and jka. the clan is more fair than ever. they dont let you in on talent, because that is very unfair. if you just started playing and get rejected for skill, it can really get you down and make you stop playing. How are you going to say that DC mod is newbish! the damages are very good and who wants fall damage, it does no good. force regen at 0 also means taht you can move around and optimize your playing field. and for your competition score. they have had many, and i mean many competitions with other clans. ive seen them fight before. they win most the matches they are in.three matches my a**. for my final statement id like to refer to how long AOD has been around......8 years! thats right, 8 years! they have a total of around 900 members from 12 different games! tell me with that status that AOD is noob. i bet you tried for AOD didnt you. you didnt get in because you are most likely a lamer noob AOD wanabe. and btw..
-=SK=- for life!
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