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I vote that the ability is given for fighters to be released at a chosen time from the capital ships' hangers. The imps would still get their fighters free, and the rebels would still have to buy their own fighters, but the rebel fighters would automaticaly get packed in the cap. ships. If their are no or not enough cap. ships, then the rebel fighters hyperspace in. This would allow the fighters and bombers not to get thrown away at the start of a battle.

Another option is for the devs. to add the ability to choose which units in your fleet come in at first. This should have been in the game in the first place.

OR the devs. could increase the worth of fighters. Add the x-wing proton torpedos and everything, and the fighters could really help. The fighters would cost a lot more and the x-wing proton torpedos would be different than the torps. in the game right now, because then the x-wing would replace the y-wing. Or the y-wings could be changed.

Anyway, just a few brainstorming ideas.
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