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Chapter X

Malus returned to the Echo. He went to his throne room. Officer Starkiller entered the throne room. He held Luke’s journals in his hand. He handed them over to Malus.
“My lord, Caos and RedHawke found the journals you wanted.” He told Malus.
“Thank you Officer,” Malus told him, “Now get out of my sight.”
As Officer Starkiller left, Malus opened the datapad containing the journals. It had information on many Planets, including Hoth, Endor, Coruscant and many more. Malus flicked through the journals, until he found a Planet he didn’t recognise. Zaloriis. Malus decided to see what information Luke had on the Planet. The journal on Zaloriis opened up.


Zaloris is a desert world. The first AT-AT walker was invented there. It formally declared it's independence during the Rebellion Era, but Lord Vader denied the request and proceeded to liberate the AT-AT facilities as well as crush the militia and Rebels there.

The desolate Planet of Zaloriis is notable only for its role in the production of the Imperial All-Terrain Armoured-Transports. General Veers worked extensively to improve and update the Walker design, but his research was interrupted by a Rebel uprising.

Zaloriis City is considered the main settlement, but even that is not a popilar destination on the barren sandy rock. The high winds of Zaloriis keep life to a minimum, but the sheltering boulders of the Fantain Mountais harbour smaller creatures and rock lions. Legends speak of dune ghosts that wander the wastes at night and of travellers who never return from their journies. The natives respect the open deserts and keep well away from them, clustering in small outposts connected by well-travelled roads.

The Imperials recognized the value of the Zaloriians fear-it allowed them to establish a research base out in the desert, with little concern for prying eyes. In fact, their test vehicles often bolstered the legends and tell-tales, as wanderers spotted the strange technologies being tested and reported back-exaggerated accounts at the local tavern. One tale that amused the Imperial counter-spy network involved a man being confronted by a wheezing so-foot dune-low, with giant tusks and a grey reptilian hide. Back at the research base, the prototype Walker was quickly rechristened “Dune Cow”.

End of Data

Malus closed the datapad. He put it in his pocket. Once Luke gets these journals back, he will have to update Zaloriis with my adventures there, Malus thought. He went to his shuttle, along with a small legion of Stormtroopers. The New Republic wouldn’t have a big defence on a harsh desert Planet, such as Zaloriis. As the shuttle prepared to land on Zaloriis, Malus noticed the old abandoned research base, where Darth Vader was once inspecting the AT-ATs.
“Pilot, land in that old research base!” Malus shouted across the shuttle.
“Yes my lord.” The pilot said, changing his course.
The journal did say that the research base was away from prying eyes. Malus hoped it still was. The shuttle landed inside the research base and Malus and his army got out.
“I need two scouts to check out the area,” Malus told them, “As soon as you find out something, return here immediately.”
Two of the Stormtroopers got on a Speeder Bike and sped off into the unknown.

Several hours later, the two Stormtroopers returned. They walked up to Malus.
“Lord Malus, we have all the information you requested.” One of the Stormtroopers told Malus.
“A Twi’lek Jedi Knight known as Farra Koo is protecting Zaloriis City under Luke Skywalker’s command.” The other Stormtrooper continued.
“Excellent work,” Malus told them, “Now we shall invade Zaloriias City.”
Several more shuttles landed, with eight AT-ATs and sixteen AT-STs. Malus led the way to Zaloriias City. As he led the army, he thought about Farra. When Malus was a Jedi, they were close friends. But ever since Malus fell to the dark side, he hadn’t seen her since. Perhaps he could turn her to the dark side.

Farra Koo was mediating inside the large Command Center in Zaloriias City. She had been on Zaloriias, since the Battle on Korriban. She was a surviour from that Battle. She was meditating, thinking on the past. Zaloriias was quite a boring place to be for a Jedi. Especially for a Jedi who liked going out, making a difference in the Galaxy. Here she had to protect the military and the citizens of Zaloriias City. To her, that wasn’t making a difference. Suddenly, she stopped mediating. She heard noises from outside. It sounded like screams of civilians and blaster shots from the military. Farra looked out to see the Imperial Remnant attacking Zaloriias City. They were being led by Malus. Farra immediately ran towards the communications array and spoke.
“Attention citizens of Zaloriias City! Please remain inside your homes!”
Farra could see all the citizens running into their homes, dodging Stormtrooper fire or anything else that tried to kill them.

Down below, Malus ran through the City. The Zaloriias Military tried to stop Malus, but he killed them all. They fell to the floor like paper. As Malus killed the last Trooper, he sensed Farra Koo inside the Command Center. Malus leapt up to the Command Center and entered. Farra Koo was about to ignite her Lightsaber, but Malus gripped her.
“If you want to live Farra, join me.” Malus told her.
“I’ll never join you,” She told Malus confidently, “After what you’ve become.”
Malus tightened his grip on her. She choked even more.
“I think you should reconsider.” Malus warned her.
Farra noticed a red glow in Malus’ left eye. The dark side had consumed him. Farra tried to struggle out of the grip, but Malus held her too strong.
“I’ll give you one last chance.” Malus warned Farra, getting impatient.
Farra knew she shouldn’t join the dark side, but she didn’t want to die and she had always wanted power. She had kept it secret from Luke. Besides Jaden was once her friend. She didn’t want to lose that friendship.
“I… I shall join you.” She choked.
Malus loosened his grip on her and let her go.
“Good,” Malus told her, “From now on, you shall be known as Darth Gevallen.”
“Thank you my lord.” She said finally.
She got up and Malus gave her a large bomb that would destroy the entire City.
“Set this and then we shall leave.” Malus told her.
“Yes my lord.” She told Malus.
Gevallen set the bomb in the middle of the room and set it. Gevallen knew it would take five minutes to leave the City. She set the bomb to explode after five minutes.
“Excellent,” Malus said, “Now we must leave.”
“Wait my lord,” Gevallen told Malus, “I can tell the Military that I’m taking you away into custody out of the city, then they won’t suspect a thing.”
Malus liked the plan. Gevallen led Malus out of the Command Center and through the City. The Military saw Gevallen leading Malus out.
“Lady Koo, where are you taking our Sith friend?” The leader asked.
“I’m taking him away into custody.” Gevallen told him.
The Military left Malus and Gevallen alone. Malus and Gevallen left the City and waited for the detonation of Zaloriias City. Malus and Gevallen left Zaloriias and returned to the Echo. From there, Malus, Caos, Gevallen and RedHawke watched the detonation of Zaloriias City. Malus felt excitement burning in his heart as he felt the City be destroyed, along with the Military and the citizens who also perished. It felt great.

On Yavin IV, as the Jedi and the New Republic were clearing up the mess from the attack on the Academy, Luke felt the deaths of so many people. It was from Zaloriias. Luke also felt the loss of a Jedi. A Jedi who had fell to the dark side. A Jedi that Luke had trained. Farra Koo. Kiara came over to see him.
“Is something wrong Master?” She asked.
“The deaths of so many people,” Luke told her, “And a loss from our Order.”
Kyle heard Kiara and Luke talking. He walked over to them.
“What loss?” He asked.
“The loss of a great Jedi,” Luke told him, “Farra Koo has been converted to the dark side.”
Kyle knew Luke felt despair. Luke knew dark times were ahead.

Stay tuned for Chapter XI Memories

PS: Gevallen is Dutch for Fallen.
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