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Nice two chapters Pottsie. Jae is right about the battles. The funny thing is that I can see the images in my head when I think about it or let my mind drift. I can see the smoke, the fire, the bodies, the bleakened landscape pockmarked by blast fire. The destroyed ship and an occassional explosion. The dirt and the noise everywhere in the air and you feel like you have to shout just to be heard. Sometimes the best way to describe battles is to look at paintings of battles and imprint the colors and images in your head. Don't tell anyone but I watch a TON of war movies, some maybe forty times already. Use the imagination that's what it's there for; the place where you develop the strangest of things like Bessy the Purple Cow (don't ask).

On a side note: I was a sucker for the female Revan romance so, ya know. The Exile I thought to be more manly. That said and done, thanks for reading. Will have a new chapter up soon.

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