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Chapter 4: A New Hope

(This is not the going to be the chapter where the Tantive IV is attacked by a Star Destroyer)

It has been years since the events of Naboo and Padme's children: Luke and Leia Skywalker, have reached the age of five. Meanwhile, in the netherworld of the Force, "Milady, you are the most powerful out of all of us" told Obi-Wan "You mus go and train my friend's children into becoming Jedi!"
"But how?" asked a female Jedi "I'll only scare them, I can only walk the galaxy as a spirit seen by the Force sensitives."
"As a living woman, seen by all you can be, if you pay a visit to the Valley of the Jedi." told Yoda.
"Yes, Master Yoda."

The female Jedi spirit made her way to the planet of Ruusan to find the Valley of the Jedi, when she did she was hit by a beam of the Force and she gained visibility. "Now to find a way out of here!" she told herself. She noticed a small mining colony and found a ship there, she took it and made her way past a gas giant called Yavin. She past three moons and stopped on the fourth.

She landed and asked if she could have permission see Padme Skywalker, she was granted permission and was led to her quarters. "Miss Padme, my name is Bastila Shan, I am a Jedi of four-thousand years ago." Bastila said as she introduced herself.
"Four-thousand years?" asked Padme surprised
"I died and spent my time til now in the netherworld of the Force." explained Bastila.
"Why you?" asked Padme.
"Us Jedi agree that I would be the best choice to train your kids to be Jedi." told Bastila. "We know that you and former officials loyal to democracy are plotting a rebellion to stop all this bloodshed. Only your children can be the catalyst of stopping your husband and the rest of the Sith."
"If they must be trained... can you train them close to home Master Jedi, please?" asked Padme.
"Don't worry, I wasn't planning on taking them off Yavin IV at their first stages of their training." told Bastila.
"I'll bring them out." said Padme.

Minutes later, after Padme telling her children on who they were, Padme brought Luke and Leia out. "Luke, Leia, this is Bastila Shan, she is going to train you into being Jedi." Padme told her kids.
"Hello, Bastila." greeted Luke and Leia.
"Hi, children" Bastila greeted back, "I am going to train you into being Jedi, do you know what a Jedi is?" Bastila quizzed the two.
"Keepers of the peace?" asked Luke.
"Very good, Luke" congratulated Bastilla, "Clearly your mommy has told you a thing or two about the Jedi."
"She has told us about daddy" said Leia.
"Yes, it's sad isn't it" said Bastila feeling her sadness, "I lost one who I loved to the Darkside too..."
"Where do we begin." asked Luke eager to begin his training.
"We will start with the Jedi Code" answered Bastila, "Repeat after me, There is no Emotion."
"There is no Emotion."
"There is Peace."
"There is Peace."
"There is no Ignorance."
"There is no Ignorance."
"There is Knowledge."
"There is Knowledge."
"There is no Passion."
"There is no Passion."
"There is Serenity."
"There is Serenity."
"There is no Chaos."
"There is no Chaos."
"There is Harmony."
"There is Harmony."
"There is no Death."
"There is no Death."
"There is the Force."
"There is the Force."

"Good job kids." Bastila congratulated, "Always look to the code when you feel astray from your teachings."
"Yes, Master" obeyed Luke and Leia.
"Normally, that's what you would call me, but please call me Bastila." corrected Bastila.
"Yes, Mas-uh Bastila." said Luke.
"You got it Bastila!" said Leia.
"Great, when do you want to begin?" asked Bastila.
"Ha-ha-okay." laughed Bastila.
Bastila and her two new students started to make their way outside to begin their training, until Padme stopped them for a moment. "Bastila?"
"Thank You, for doing this" thanked Padme.
"You're welcome." Bastila told, "I will take good care of them, for you."
Padme nodded. As Bastila, Luke and Leia left the room, the whispered "Thank you."

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