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Originally Posted by Bomberman65
Again good post. Yeah I agree with you on both points.
Now guys I'll be away in Samoa for 2 weeks starting from today so I'll try and get on if and when I can so keep going.
Ill be waiten


Back on subject. The sheilds of the MJOLNIR cant takke plasma weapons very good, look at Sam. The CC weapons are Iodized to fight the droids as a primary target, that explains why the ACP is better at trandos than the DC-17. The Kartarn-class sheilds could easily take the bullets of an SMG, and Sniper for that matter. mabey even a rocket [splash damage, not direct hit]. Im Hand-to-hand, the spartan would be cut up by the Vibro knife in the commandos armour, give that ion energy [like KOTOR II] bye bye Johny.

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