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Last I checked a wookie rocket launcher blew a commando away (good times), so why wouldn't a UNSC launcher? And in RC it's the complete opposite of Halo - the Trando weapons tear through sheilds, and what are they? Projectile. DC-17m rounds -keeping in game- wouldn't do nil against a Spartan's shields. And hand to hand combat the commando would get thrashed. The blade would be useless agains solid titanium (was it titanium? Might've been something stronger) a few centimeters thick, with a Spartans beast strength the commando would get shredded. Or he would at least get his face bashed through. And for your last comment... SURGE PROTECTERS! Heck lets face it, if you had to create a super soldiers armor, chances are it would have at least something to keep it from over loading.

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