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Originally Posted by ringworm
Flowing Force....i prefer I to II.....i still only play I. there are fewer games but that's nice since the lag is always low and there seem to be less jerks
Thanks for expressing your interest, Ringworm. Let's hope THIS thread doesn't just dematerialise from existence, the way that my OTHER thread did.

See-- there seems to be a powerful resurgence of interest in BF1 (as well as a devotion by fans who never quit it), and for some unknown reason, certain people here-and-there seem to be either intimidated by this or irritated by it. I'm not quite sure why, but it seems that I've been banned or restricted from 2 other forums for rallying up the lovers of BF1 together to express our devotion to the game, and arrange to play together... BESIDES the missing disappearance of my thread from this forum.

But make no mistake...

The New Renaissance of the original Star Wars Battlefront has ALREADY BEGUN to dawn.

I'll be writing a new thread, updating you all to what's been happening on OTHER forums, as well.

If anyone wishes to recieve the list of mods we play online, come to the website of The New Renaissance .

Until We Meet In The Sky--

Flowing Force,

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