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I've just started playing it too, because I've handed in my final assignment for the year. So far it's similar to The Longest Journey - sort of irrelevant and mundane tasks to do (talk to dad, go to the gym, chat with friends) which provide a nice background to everything without throwing you in at the deep end. Like its predecessor, the world is very atmospheric and I like it a lot - so far it's kind of like Beyond Good and Evil; very multi-cultural and looks like a nice place to live. Also, like April in The Longest Journey the title character Zoe has some weird experiences that you know are going to lead to major plot points very soon.

So yeah I'm loving it. Gripes? The 'always run' thing when you move around is fine outside, but they should have put it to 'walk' when you're indoors - she moves pretty quickly and I find myself holding down the 'walk' button constantly. But looks good

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