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838) You watch Chobits and wonder how HK-47 would look if he was turned into one.
839) You wish Revan and HK made cameos in every anime or movie you watch.
840) You repeat HK's lines when he's furious about the HK series droids every time you get pissed.
841) You say "You're a very harsh master. I like you" to your girlfriend.
842) You develop an obsession with girls wearing veils.
843) You turn your room into a replica of the Trayus Core or the Ebon Hawk.
843) You write tentacle hentai involving Mission's head-tails.

One thing that fools will never understand is that only a weakling lets the darkness control him. A mix of light and darkness is a powerful thing. Volatile, yes, but also unexpected, and thus even more dangerous.
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