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Originally Posted by Prime
(Is Astro the only one around here?) can avoid them. Otherwise, there is are pages of white...
lolz. Keep your pants on Primeski. I didnt see the volume of traffic signficant enough to warrant that, especially pre-release. Also, another mod will then be obligated to keep an eye on it because it would be out of bounds for me til July-August, and I didnt want to put anyone out

Still, if people think they would really like a non spoiler thread, I will hardly stop you from making one!! lolz.

@Fosh etc, it is possible to create posts that contain spoilers that everyone can read !

eg. It is interesting that there is a focus on Jacen and how
he uses his force powerz to kill people who make entire posts within spoiler tags
. Its not good to see !!


heres a Release Day Interview With Aaron Allston No spoilers!!

and here's TFNs Reviews Where they seem to be singing Aalston praises and using big words like apotheosis SPOILER ALERT for the reviews of course


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