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Alkea managed to find a few off duty Siths who looked like they were just chillin'. She had handed her lightsaber to Komad before entering since the reaction would not be favorable if she had brought it in. She siddled up and played cutsey with them though their breath nearly wanted to make her vomit. She managed to keep them at arms length while getting invited to a party later in the evening. She smiled a pretty smile and left with the datapad information in her hand remembering to turn around and smile saying, see ya there." She headed towards the door and rolled her eyes. I hope I don't have to go in there again. She came out of the cantina and held the datapad in her hand and said, "We've hit a jackpot."

While Alkea was in the cantina Greea was talking to Komad, "I sensed no deception from Tyrannus. In fact I think he may have been the reason she came back. I think John may have hit a nerve of hers for she was throughly annoyed when he spoke."

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