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Hot Topic Starter  Contest winner - Fan Fiction have begun to construct a very interesting tale, I always wondere what became of JAden, and Kyle after the ending of JA, considering the developers at LA left it open, and havent touched it since. You quoted earlier that you didn't much like writing battles because you claimed them to be boring

Maybe I can help ya out with that one, I write very good battle sequences, or so Ive been told by people who read Darth Sion: Legacy Of Pain. Writing a battle sequence isn't all that difficult,depending on the type of battle. When describing solo combat, and duels, especailly with Sabers, describe the facial expressions, and acrobating maneuvers and saber thrusts/paries. Use alot of imagery, so that your audience really gets a feel for the action sequence as if it were playing out before there eyes. Compare the motions and patterns of the combatants to other various objects or creatures. And don't be afraid to include what the attacker or attackeee is thinking or feeling at the time.

Example: " Sion circled in around the wounded Revan, like a wild beast stalking its prey, his footsteps echoing through the cavrnous chambers of the ancient facility.
"He could sense Revan's weakness, as he drew in closer, Sion could almost taste the fear eminating from his war weary foe. Victory was his, he could feel it, almost grab at it."

"REvan slowly began to rise to his feet, clutching at the sizzling wound in his side, courtesy of a slash from Lord Sion's crimson bladed saber. REvan's breathing was heavy, almost gasping, as he felt his chest heave in and out under his armor, as he stared into the souless, and snarling features of his enemy."

"Sion had had enough waiting, he could sense Revan's thoughts, the weak fool, was still trying to measure the methods of his enemy, this Sion could not allow. With roar of primal rage, Sion lept towards Revan, his crimson bladed weapon hissing to life like a serpent, was pointed directly at Revans throat."

"Revan seeing this oncoming attack, was quick to react, igniting his own brilliant blue blade, and quickly and forcefully swiping away the animal Sith's forceful attack. But he could see Sion would not be so easily swayed from his current path of attack."

"Sion twirled his weapon skillfully out accross his chest, before gripping the hilt tightly with both hands, and again charging forward, and bringing blow after overpowering blow down upon his opponents blade, who defended as adamantly as Sion attacked. The result was a fast paced display of swordsmanship, which illuminated the ancient dueling chamber in brilliant shades of blue and red light."

Large scale battles are written in quite the same manner, just replace Sion for example with The Sith Fleet or Army etc etc, and Revan with the Republic, then proceed by describing the scene, and like the battle of the heroes, use lots of imagery

Example: The sith fleet dotted the Coruscanti skyline, like a thousand luminous stars.

The Capitla ships of the republic fleet were outgunned and blossomed accross the scene into countless flowering explosions.

"Have you come here for answers? There are none. The call of Korriban is strong, but it is the call of the dead. It is fitting you came here."

"The failure is yours, no longer does your voice whisper within my skull, no longer do I suffer beneath teachings that weaken us, and now you run in search of the Jedi. They are all one, and one broken Jedi cannot stop the darkness that is to come."
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