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Chapter 5: The Droid Rebellion

One year has passed, Anakin has watched 3 students very closely at his acadamy and has been training them as powerful generals aligned with the Dark Side to help command his army with him and his apprentice. "You must feel the power" told Anakin training his soon to be generals, "You must wait till your enemy is most vulnerable, then strike!" After dozens of minutes training, everyone put away their sabers, "Good, good, I can only have one apprentice and unfortunately for you three, I already have one, but you shall be my generals." explained Anakin. Anakin turned to a Kel-Dor and said "But you will also be Sith Lords, you, what is your name?" Anakin asked the Kel-Dor
"Telvert Hadom" the Kel-Dor answered back.
"You shall be known as Darth... Oorlog." Anakin told.
"Thank you... my lord."
Anakin turned to a male human, "What is your name?"
"Zepnam Ledkor" he answered
"You shall be known as Darth... Macht." Anakin told.
Anakin turned to a young woman, "What is your name?"
"Janice Wisurr" she told.
"You shall be known as Darth Moordenaar"
"Thank you... My... Master." she replied.
Anakin looked at her suspiciously and then turned away.

Anakin went into his throne room to meditate, then he was met by Revan.
"I see you have trained some new generals Anakin." told Revan.
"I can't watch over every planet all the time" Anakin answered.
"Then I recommend that you bring the 501st to and a squad of Sith to Mustafar, I have senced a disturbance there." Revan told.
"I'll bring my generals too, they can use this experience." said Anakin.
"Good idea." replied Revan.
Anakin called Oola and his generals to the throne room, "We are going to Mustafar, to check a possible rebellion." Anakin explained
"From who?" asked Lord Oorlog
"I don't know, we are going there to check if there is so I can sleep better at night." Anakin answered, "We will leave now!"
"I'll prepare the army." said Oola.

Oola prepared the 501st and a squad of Dark Jedi for the take off to Mustafar. While on the flagship Janice glared at Oola for the whole trip. She was plotting something against her.

Upon the arrival, they weren't welcomed warmly when they landed on the planet, droids of the CIS were waiting for them guns blazing. Oola and Anakin's generals jumped off the ship destroying every droid they saw.
"I'll scout ahead" told Janice.
"You're not ready to go alone" told Oola, "I'm going with you."
"Okay." replied Janice sounding rather pleased.
Oola and Janice, scouted ahead and destroyed every droid in sight. Janice walked up behind Oola and threw a pair of hand bracers on her.
"What are you doing?!" Oola asked in horror.
Janice slapped her down and started kicking her.
"The role of the apprentice is not for damned pieces of dirt like you!"
Janice brought her out on the lava observatory balcony, killed a sniper there broke it apart and tied some wires around her neck and hung her from the balcony rail.

Anakin walked out out of a room close to the lava observatory and noticed his apprentice hanging dead. Anakin fought the droids still focusing on the task at hand. He planted a beacon so his flagship will know where to bombard. Janice noticed a Geonoshan trying to escape, she took some rubble and crushed him like the bug he is. Anakin ordered everyone to get back on to the Executor. When everyone was safely on, they watched the fireworks. Anakin called over Janice.
"Did you have anything to do with Oola's execution?" he asked
"You shouldn't ask... I was the only one with her." Janice told.
"Right... You are now my new apprentice, Janice."
"Thank you, my master"

P.S. Oorlog is Dutch for War
P.S. Macht is Dutch for Power
P.S. Moordenaar is Dutch for Assassin

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