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Special Air Service

Name: SAS (Special Air Service)
Factions: Anything Space
Clan Site:
Base of Ops: Mainly USA
Console: PS2, we MIGHT go to Xbox but not likely
Tryout Required: Yes, we will test you on your ability to pilot all ships, and we will assign you a ship accordingly.
Num of Members: Not Enough
Leader: Kevzeppelin
Recruiting: Yes
Email:, then I'll talk to the Leader, Kev
Games: Just SWBF2, seeing as it is the only BF game with space. We might extend it to certain maps in SWBF1, but we're not there yet.

We are an ALL SPACE clan, so join us if you like Space Missions.
We will get you assigned to a squad, where you will be assigned to a ship, so if you are assigned to a bomber, in clan matches your main job is to bombard the enemy ship, etc.
Right now we have only one squad, but when it's positions and reserve positions are full we will set up another one.
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