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Originally Posted by StarWarsPhreak
mattrock616, please do not triple post, or repeat your question many times. If someone feels like helping you out, they will. If you're going to be a butt about it, you're probably not going to get much help. I also suggest reading the forum guidleines.

I'm noticing that sometimes units will not respond to any commands after I jump them in. It's happened to both me and my friend while we were playing my the space map I created.
Yes, this happens when you place units instead of letting the player create them. Specifically hero units in land maps, but space maps occasionally too.

Try making your units a team if possible.

Originally Posted by Zudece
there are still 3 thing i want to do but i can't figer out how.

1. to get reinforcements to keep comming out of the base. i'v seen some maps where they got lots to keep comming out i'v seen up to crusers come as reinforcements and they have little white flags and don't cost troop placement.

2. to list the map name in the lobby insted of "not found" i have also seen several player made maps that list.

3. to get a peview map insted of the blue defult preview.
1. Click the "Garrison Units" checkbox in the object properties.

2. It will do so if the map is downloaded to the client. As long as you have the map itself, you will see the name in the list.

3. What do you mean?

Originally Posted by Web Rider
so, the editor allows you to build giant maps, but you cant actually use giant maps?
The editor seems to have problems with both passability and FOW on large maps. The former can be fixed often by painting over the "steep" passability lines of the old map or resetting passability. The latter is odd. I think the engine handles maps so there is a permanent fog of war over the non-playable areas of the map, and everything else is black. So when you expand, it keeps the old stuff, so sometimes your units will walk on black terrain or FoW terrain (not uncovering the FOW).The client can fix it by going into Cinematic Mode (space) and then popping out - this seems to reset the FoW.

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