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I'll update soon, most of these will be updated with a v2 extremely soon.

Map Name: Assault at Eosarim
Ground or Space: Ground
Players: 2v2 I believe.
Weather: Temperate
Life forms: None
Special features: (anything unique about it?) One of the first EaW maps.
Background/History: This takes place at the stormy, temperate planet Eosarim, years after a large battle of escaping Jedi forces. One remaining Jedi has led the Rebellion to the facility on Eosarim, and now they will start their assault on the Imperial base...;62471

Map Name: Confrontation over Eosarim
Ground or Space: Space
Players: 2v2
Weather: N/A
Life forms: N/A
Special features: (anything unique about it?): First EaW space map
Background/History: Rebel forces, after a long period of hiding engage an Imperial presence. Unfortunately, the Imperials have built their station just outside one of the planet's rings, meaning to attack, both of them will have to worry about asteroid damage and electromagnetic storms...;62580

Map Name: Crash on Dantooine
Ground or Space: Ground
Players: 1v1
Weather: Temperate
Life forms: Civilians?
Special features: (anything unique about it?) First "hero" map I believe, all rebels get are heroes and civilians
Background/History: Takes place way after ROTJ. The Millenium Falcon runs into an energy storm and crashes on a swampy area of Dantooine, on its way to later raid an Imperial planet. Coincidentally, the local civilians have been waiting for an opportunity to throw off the Imperial presence on Dantooine, and the arrival of a small contingent of Rebel troops, along with heroes like Kyle Katarn, Chewbacca and Han Solo, and Mara Jade Skywalker, is the perfect one. The small Imperial base nearby is their target. The civilians promise repairs to the ship if they help them in their fight for independence from the Remnant.;62815

Map Name: Defense of Mustafar
Ground or Space: Ground
Players: Can't remember ATM, I think it's 2v2
Weather: Ash
Life forms: Nothing
Special features: (anything unique about it?): First lava map, first mustafar map, looks really cool, but uses a lot of FPS :P
Background/History: It's just Mustafar. Woo-hoo.;63218

Map Name: Recapturing the Temple
Ground or Space: Ground
Players: Oo, I think this one's 3v3.
Weather: Clear
Life forms: None
Special features: Lots of buildings, Jedi Temple ftw
Background/History: Takes place after ROTJ, when the Rebel Alliance retakes Coruscant and the Jedi Temple.;62582

Map Name: Assault on Echo Base
Ground or Space: Ground
Players: 1v1
Weather: EXTREME snow (editor blizzard layered with some objects to make it even more snow - there's about 5 layers of snow)
Life forms: I'm going to add some wampas later
Special features: ~200 Empire troops, 6 AT-ATs, Veers, Vader, base made out of both terrain and object, but the best thing is: TRANSPORTS THAT TAKE OFF (and can be blown up )
Background/History: If you don't know about the assault on Hoth, go watch the damn movies!;63384

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