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Originally Posted by StarWarsPhreak
There was no need to post the same thread all over the place. I deleted the others.
Cool then. I appreciate your straightforwardness, Star Wars Phreak, as well as your lack of unneccesary hostility-- which is what I've experienced elsewhere. Your moderating, here, in this instance, has been effective in maintaining the Flow of the forum without disruption-- which is a quality that alot of moderators (on other forums) should adopt.

Again-- I'm cool with you, and truly appreciate your discretness-- though I must admit, a quick and informative PM would have been nice.

I must say-- Each of "my" threads were, in fact, different-- and though the underlying messages may have been the same, I was holding seperate and individual conversations with different forum members. I speak to you from a place of peace, Here and Now, and mean NOT to question your authority as Super Moderator. I mean only to show that, undeniably, each and every thread on any forum IS unique, as currently there are SEVERAL threads STILL scattered throughout the forum which have extremely similar themes and motives, with different information-exchanges and different conversations amongst different people.

Note that in THIS thread, the one you allowed to remain, my purpose was to "revive this forum a bit, get some discussions going, share some tips, and maybe even battle side-by-side in game".

However, in the one you deleted, my purpose was to inform fellow players of SWBF of The New Renaissance, and to provide a structure that interested gamers may use, so that we may ACTUALLY game together instead of just talking wistfully about it in dead-end conversations that don't actually amount to anything substantial or productive.

So-- though I held a few similar conversations on related threads, I kept it tight, making sure to avoid "posting all over the place".

I WILL take extra care, however, to avoid posting the same threads all over the place.

Originally Posted by StarWarsPhreak
I haven't had SWBF1 installed in ages, but I did play a lot on echonet server.
Cool... I've not seen Echonet. Consider dusting off the Ol' BF1, and giving it another whirl. If you're interested in doing so, I hope to see you in the Battlefront.

Until We Meet In The Sky--

Flowing Force,

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