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Originally Posted by Niner_777
I'm currently reading Halo: The First Strike, so I may learn some stuff along the way.
Good book. But the fall of Reach is a lot more indicative of the Origins of Spartans. The fall of Reach sucks though.

Also, in the very beginning of the book, some of the spartans had to bail out of their ship, similar to what the commandos had to do in Hard Contact. Out of twenty-two spartans, four were killed, and six were wounded, just from the air drop.
They jumped with no Parachute. I'd like to see ANYONE survive!

Originally Posted by Shinobichan
having the right genes helps, I feel that if anything, genes dictate potential fates and potential destinies (and yes, I am a big fan of Metal Gear Solid, if anyone caught the reference.)
I'm a "master" of theoretical genetics. :P Genes can be helpful, but clones and Spartens were not chosen for the "highest" genetic efficiency. Many genes are not there because they improve fitness, many could be 'wild cards' that aren't so bad they reduce survival. E.g. green eyes versus brown eyes. The Spartens are all unique individuals and Jango sure as hell isn't "pure stock". Even when it comes to genes that make the "best" individual, since Naked Snake and Jango Fett weren't "ideal" (their offspring were modified) genetically you're only as good as the worst gene you've got.

(O/TConversely, one of the genes for cell immortality is the one that gives you cancer!)

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