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Tylor used the vent system to make his way to the room outside the bridge. Like the airlock and the corridor outside, the room was pitch black. He was armed with a commando pistol, a few grenade and a torch. He held out the blaster with one hand, and torch above it with the other hand. He searched the room, he appeared to be in an armoury however all the lockers were emtpy, Tylor assumed that was the work of savangers.

Tylor was then ready to move in to the bridge but he then heard voice coming from the next room. The voices weren't loud enough for Tylor to hear but he had an idea. He activated his com and spoke to the Dreadless' bridge.
"Hey Jedi, I took a short cut to the bridge, it appears there was several people talking, I'm going to slide my backup com into the bridge, listen to what they're saying and then tell me when you'd like my to go in!"

Tylor then pulled out a com from his shoe and slided it through a small gap in the door. He then waiting for comfirmation from the Jedi.

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