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Originally Posted by Niner_777
Whose fault is it that the Spartans didn't have parachutes, lol? They might come in handy in a battle inside of a gunship, or on the edge of a cliff. Maybe?
Soldiers arent's equipped with parachutes when they're in helicopters. Not all soldiers wear parachutes when they're in the air and on a transport. Why should the Spartans in a case like this? The pelican dropship was supposed to take them to to ground. There's no where in the battlefield on the ground around reach's power generators where a parachute would be remotely useful. Why be bogged down by the extra gear? Any why the hell would you use a parachute on the edge of a cliff??? use a repelling line! Or a Jetpack :-D

Anyway, the point was that Mjolnir armor is strong enough for a Spartan to survive falling from that kind of height, and Commando Katarn armor is not. And on the ground, if a spartan had to jump off a high cliff to complete his mission, he could most likely do it

Originally Posted by taclled
wellŽi dont know of a female clone being made but i do know that clones have emotions(refer to following books: The Cestus Deception and the Republic Commando book series) also commandoes do not have robotics or impules or anything else inside their armor to help them move or flip anything. they must rely on their own strength and the strength givin through artificial stimulants
Maybe some abberation in the cloning process making a clone a female? Not sure what would happen to her. Kaminoans are pretty obsessive about quality control.

It might have been possible for there to be female Stormtroopers, assuming you accept that after the Clone Wars, the Empire started making Stormtroopers from different genetic templates instead of just Jango's, and that the Empire also had conscripts from the general populace to start donning the white armor.

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