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Originally Posted by 1_337
Dude, Do you ever SHUT THE F l_l ( l< UP!?! For Pete sake if you want to say something just say it all at once not post it on seperate parts. And the Assault rifel was still in use during Halo 2.
Sorry, 1_337. I was having multiple brainstorms and unfortunately that's how my thoughts came out. I hope I didn't offend you too much. No need for the language, though. MA5B assault rifles are only usable in Halo 1 and not Halo 2. That's what I meant.

I thought of another tactical option for the Spartan in fighting a Commando. Disable the Commando's Deece. M6D pistol fire or 15 rounds per second from the MA5B will do. If the Commando loses his DC-17m, He's left with just his blaster pistol and grenades, and no sniper or anti-armor or high rate of fire blaster. Conversely, the commando could do the same, but it might be harder on him to pull off, due to the blaster bolts not closing distances fast enough, and the Spartan's pistol being a much smaller target for the commando to get a bead on with the sniper, especially with both Commando and Spartan ducking and jinking under fire.

Originally Posted by Just_Darrell
Commandos are trained to fight humans, droids, trandoshans, Wookies, and any other of a baker's dozen of races in the Star Wars universe. That means they have a lot more tactical knowledge and a lot more tricks in their sleeve than the Spartan does.
Their universes have alot of differences. Warfare is not one of them. In both universes, there's still the concept of a Tank. A Bomber. A Fighter plane. Armor. Grenades. Ambushing. Cover. Laying traps. Flanking. Artillery. Air support. Etc. And really, the Commando only has so many options in how to kill something. Shoot it. Blow it up. Disable and then shoot it or blow it up. Lay a trap. Use the environment. Those concepts would not be lost to a Spartan.

And still I think that the Commandos would win if they all just jump him at the same time. The Spartan may try to react fast but the armor will slow him down.
A Spartan's weakness, and most other living thing's weaknesses for that matter, is sheer firepower. That's why a Squad of 4 RC's can probably take down a Spartan.

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