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A great chapter, Jae Onasi. You exhibit wonderful talent when writing Bindo stories. I don't know how you came up with that one but I found it quite enjoyable.
Originally Posted by Jae Onasi
About JK707--sometimes things get lost in translation on forums/emails because we get zero facial cues that would show that it was irony or joking, even if that potential is small. So, I chose to ignore any 'attitude' at this time until it's proven to be an attempt to be truly offensive. But I appreciate you coming to my defense.
Me coming to your defense? That's jimbo fett 66's job, not mine. But with your martial arts skills I'm sure you're quite capable of taking care of yourself and so I'm guessing he doesn't need to "step in" very often, if at all. In any case, I just think it's important to tell someone if I think they had some attitude when I'm not sure the individual really meant to exhibit said attitude. I thought Jedi_Knight_707's post had a condescending tone to it and so I simply stated that because as you say and as I've experienced it's very difficult to pick up on any emotional cues in writing. But if nobody points it out to him how would he ever know or learn? I did notice however that he hasn't responded yet so maybe we'll never know...

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