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a commando would be able to free fall far far and still survive but the their superiors no that everytime they deploy commandos and they die it will be harder to insert troops next time so they dont take chances. true spartans dont need to carry a parachutebut id believe that the pelican or other ships would at least have some emergency parachutes in case of one. commando are able to call down fighter, bomber, vehicle support. they are capable of doing every job a trooper can and then some. for instance: assasination, siege assault, counterinsurgency, hostage extraction, demolition, surveilence, ETC. on any terrain. they are trained to be able to fire on targets smaller than a dime from a long distance although with a the rifle attachment this is harder than with other equipment, they are trained to be able to addapt to different stuations in a second notice(or less) these situations include things like alien weapons, sudden enemy reinforcements, bambardment, etc. they have been trained to use every known and unknown weapon and vehicle. plus they have a databank built in their armor that they can call up in their helmet that includes species weak points, habits, homeplanet, anatomy, coloration, and thermic reafing(may have more). the Katarn armor is made to be able to with stand a direct hit from a turbolaser. this will most likely take the commando out of the fight for awhile because it most likely will give him a nice bruise and broken bones but he will still be alive and be able to give computer support and stationary support(ie. help protecting a bunker) and drive a vehicle. they try to make themselves small target and are able to fight even when completely disarmed.

PS: the only reason that on republic comīmando trandoshan's projectile weapons do damage is that had the game not been made that way it would have been to easy. actually the armor can withstand the hits altough if under continuos combined fire it may slowly put a dent in it and eventually pierce it. also you must remember that the SW projectile weapons may fire in a differnt way then Halo projectile weapons so they it may shoot faster than halo weapons
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