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Hey peoples, another chapter in very popular story haha. Again, if you have read the story and either didnt like it or did like, post saying it , i wont bite lol, anyway, here it is:


Nom Kavar led a hard life; he was separated from his mother and father when he was only two years old, taken to a family on a planet in the Outer Rim, and when he was old enough, put into a life of slavery.
He was now seventeen years of age, still at the same facility. As much as Nom hated the place, he could not deny, that this has been more of a home than anywhere he had known, even though he had been here as long as he could remember.

On the days where he was not slaving away in the mines searching for rare crystals and riches alike, Nom liked to spend the time he had to himself, in the bosses library, reading up on his most favourite subject in all the galaxy.
The Jedi.
Nom idolised the Jedi, he was fascinated just to read about the lives these people had. The powers they wielded, the weapons they used. He wondered what it would feel like, wield the same powers, use the same weapons. He usually dreamt of a Jedi coming here, to take him from this wretched place, from this wretched life he had.

But lately, Nom kept on having the same dream, over and over again. It was about a Jedi offcourse, Nom could tell that by the Lightsaber. The Jedi would be surrounded by enemies, fighting gloriously, prevailing over his enemies, and perfecting every stroke of attack, every block of defence. But when all his enemies were defeated, the Jedi would turn around as if he was facing Nom, he would walk towards him, holding out a hand. The cloak billowing in the wind behind him, shoulder length, dark hair and brown eyes, overall the Jedi appeared to be Godlike.

For some reason though, Nom had got the feeling that he recognised this man, he knew that was impossible, but there was just something about him, and as Nom went to grasp the Jedi’s hand, the dream would end.

One evening however, Nom was reading about the Exar-Kun war, the last stand at Yavin IV, Light started to fade around Nom, and eventually engulfing him in darkness. He blinked, and suddenly he was bathed in sunlight. He was surround by green hills, and log green plains. The grass rippling in motion with the direction of the wind. He fel his feet leave the ground and he was flung upwards and started to soar through the cloudless sky.
He went over a hill and a building came into view.
‘I know that building’ he though to himself

Then he realised. It was the Jedi Enclave. He was on Dantooine.
‘Reading those documents on the Jedi actually paid off’ he though amusingly.
He came over an opening and suddenly he dropped, he felt earth underneath his feet once more, and he looked up. Four people were standing in front of him.

“Welcome young one” spoke a Twiliek stepping forward. “I suppose you are wondering why we have summoned you here”

“Ahh.. “ Hesitated Nom, he didn’t want to sound too rude “Just … just a little bit”

The Twiliek smiled “ You are very interested in the Jedi aren’t you Nom”
Nom nodded, yes he was very interested. He disregarded the thought as to how the Twiliek knew his name.

“We have bought you here because you show a strong affinity with the Force and we wish for you to be trained in the ways of the Jedi”
Nom couldn’t hide his happiness

“Re – Really?” he asked, his dreams were finally coming true at last!

“Yes, now we wish for you to start your training when –“, but Nom didn’t hear the rest. Darkness engulfed him once more, and he woke to be shaken very roughly by another worker.

“‘Bout time mate, I was here for nearly five minutes tryin’ to wake ya’, lights out in a few, betta’ get to bed”

Nom yawned, “yeah … ok” For just a small while, he thought he was going to be away from this place once and for all, he got up reluctantly and went to his dormitory, and fell asleep almost the minute his head hit the pillow.

* * *

Revan could smell smoke. Still with his eyes closed, he reached out with the Force to find out the damage of his ship.
He lifted his lids to see with his own eyes.

“Oh... “ he said, “Crap"

The sight was much more worse than he could have anticipated, his attention was directed away from his ship to the sight in front of him.
Two terentaks where walking towards him, he jumped out of his, with some help from the Force, he was able to land behind them, ignite the blue blade of his lightsaber lunge it into one of the beasts neck. With an almighty roar, it fell to the ground limp.
The second beast turned, but before he could find out the reason for its mates death, there was a lightsaber sticking into its abdomen and being brought upwards killing it instantly.
Revan looked around and once again, the sight was more worse than he could have anticipated.

“Heh” he said with a sarcastic smile spreading over his face “well, that’s not good”

There were eight more terentaks surrounding him. Gathering the Force, he made himself able to travel double the speed of a normal being. He sped towards one of the terentaks; lightsaber held high, he sliced through the middle of the beast cleaving it in two.
Without looking back behind him, Revan sped on. As soon as he got a fair enough distance away, he stopped. Looking around, he took in his surroundings.
Thick dense forest surrounded him, blocking out all means of sunlight, a light fog, wisped through and around the many trees, he noticed a large boulder beside him, and he took a seat. Revan listened intently and he started to pick out the small linger of whispers between the trees, then thought came upon him once more.

“Where the hell am I?” he said angrily to himself. He had no food, no other supplies, about half an hour later, he decided to head back to his ship, see if the terentaks were still there and get the supplies in which he had and needed.
As Revan walked, he hadn’t used the Force, but he distinctly got the feeling that he was being watched, but he kept on walking.
He came to the edge of a couple of trees blocking the view the small clearing in which his ship was. He peered out through the leaves to see if the coast was clear. There appeared to be nothing or no one, so he used the Force to see.
He walked to his ship, opened the back hatch and withdrew: a blaster, medpacs, some stims, food and water, a cloak and a backpack. He hitched on the blaster, put his cloak on, placed the supplies in the pack and slung it over his shoulder. He started to walk, but that’s when he felt it. A disturbance, not too far from where he was, someone was in trouble. He fuelled himself with the Force once more, pinpointed the distress and took off.

* * *

The next day, Nom got called to do a routine search of the surrounding grounds. It wasn’t the most fun thing what he would rather be doing, but it was good to get out of the mines all the same. He walked to the lookout tower and peered out of his binoculars. Everything was as it should be as far as Nom could see, that was until he came across a sight, which caught his attention rather quickly. A group of trandoshans were arguing about something. He could tell they were arguing because it looked like they were about to rip each other to shreds.

“Hmm.. “ he debated whether or not to go and get someone or go and have a look by himself. Curiosity got the better of him and he decided on the second, as he wasn’t going to do anything stupid. He climbed down the tower and headed into the deep forest.

For about ten minutes he walked, then he heard the raised voices getting closer. The trandoshans were definitely arguing about something, because they were speaking in Basic, Nom could catch bits of what they were saying.

“I don’t care what you think!” one was saying, “ We have to get that crystal!”

“We can’t do it yet” another was yelling “ we have to wait for reinforcements before we can do anything”

Nom peered through a couple of bushes to see what was going on. The two voices what Nom was hearing, were apparently the only two in the argument, as everyone else was standing back, not saying anything at all. If we wait any longer – “ but Nom didn’t hear what the rest that was said was, because his attention was brought back to where he was and the fact that he had a end of a blaster pressed against the back of his neck.

“Well, well, well” came a voice “What do we have here? Move” it said prodding Nom forwards.
Scared of his wits, Nom walked forward out of the bushes and into the sunlight. Everybody looked in his direction, and one of the arguing trandoshans walked towards them, looking absolutely furious.

“Who the hell is this!” he yelled, pointing in Noms direction

“I spotted him spying on us sir” came the voice behind Nom

“I wasn’t ‘spying’ on you” piped up Nom “ I was just passing by and I heard raised voices, you know”

“What did you hear!” the leader demanded, “Speak!”

“No – Nothing really important, just something about a crystal, you attacking somewhere and waiting for reinforcements to arrive, please sir, don’t hurt me, I won’t tell anyone,” pleaded Nom

At this, every one of the trandoshans bursted out in laughter.
“Weakness” spat the leader” you don’t even deserve to live!” he lifted up his blaster and pointed it directly at Nom. But just then, a dark figure had leapt of out nowhere right in between Nom and the trandoshans leader. A blue blade was ignited; there was a loud shout of the order ‘Fire!’ resulting in several blaster shots.
Nom jumped to the ground and closed his eyes. He could hear blaster shots, the screams of agony, and the occasional small explosions of grenades. He opened his eyes and was shocked as to what he saw.

A Jedi!
The Jedi was fighting as gloriously as the other Jedi Nom has saw in holovids. His movement, his perfection for battle was just overwhelming. As the bright blue blade cut down, the last of the trandoshans, the Jedi turned off the lightsaber and turned around to face Nom.
Nom’s jaw dropped. It was the Jedi from his dream! Was it a dream what he had had? Or something more? The Jedi walked towards Nom, but he quickly scampered backwards.

“Its ok” said the Jedi “ your safe now” he held out his hand, Nom grasped it and he was pulled to his feet.

“Nom Kavar” he replied scared

“It’s ok” the Jedi said once again “ your safe, do you understand?”
Nom nodded
Smiling the Jedi said,” Good, now Nom, I need – why are you looking at me like that?”

“So – Sorry” stammered Nom “ its.. “He was trying to find the right words, so he wouldn’t seem like a complete nutcase “it’s just that, I have dreamt this, you standing where you are now, I’ve seen you fighting, as you just did, turning to face me, as you did,”
At first the Jedi looked bewildered, then an intent look of curiosity came over his face.

“You speak the truth” he said “Perhaps.. “ he trailed off

“Perhaps what?” Nom asked

“Nothing, ill explain later,” replied the Jedi “there’s something I need to ask of you Nom”
Nom was taken back, what could possibly a Jedi want with him?

“I need you help Nom” the Jedi continued, “ Can you help me?”

“Hmmph, I can’t help you,” said Nom, the Jedi raised an eyebrow “That trandoshans was right … I am weak”
The Jedi looked at Nom.

“Listen Nom, not wanting to die is not weakness” he said, “Nobody ever really wants to die, now ill ask again, can you help me?”

Nom looked into the Jedi’s eyes. Should he believe him? He had read about other Jedi, who have fallen to the Dark Side of the Force over the years. But this Jedi didn’t seem all that bad; he had saved Noms life after all.

“Yes?” asked the Jedi

Nom nodded, “Alright, ill help you … what needs to be done?”

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