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”Perhaps the damage is more extensive than I realised…” said the Doctor.

“That’s what I’ve been saying all along,” Jasra said to the Doctor. “Something isn’t….” She paused, and frowned as she adjusted the comlink in her ear.

"Hey Jedi, I took a short cut to the bridge, it appears there was several people talking, I'm going to slide my backup com into the bridge, listen to what they're saying and then tell me when you'd like me to go in!"

“Tylor’s found something,” Jasra said to Karda. “Actually, someone. Well, multiple someones. He’s sending us a feed from the Almanac.

Her fingers tapped some buttons, and the sound feed from Tylor’s well-placed portable com link came over the general speakers.

“…omething as useless as that,” said an unfamiliar voice. “We need valuable things. Juppa’s not going to want a load of junk!”

“This isn’t junk!” said another, albeit a more stupid sounding voice.

“No, but the relays in that are worth more than the device. Take them out. Leave the rest. We don’t have time to be…. And what are you doing on board anyway? I thought you were supposed to be mannin’ the scanners?”

“I didn’t want to be left on board all by myself. Don’t get no share of the loot if I don’t help find it. You said ….”

“I know what I said! And I said for you to stay on board! What if another salvager comes here, eh? You want them to get our find? You want Juppa to tan our hides when we don’t bring nothin’ back? No! So, get over there and monitor what’s happening out there!” A sigh. “I’m surrounded by kriffin’ idiots! And you! Where’s that detonator? After we’re done here, we’re supposed to blow this wreck, remember?”

Jasra grinned as she looked up at Karda. “What do you think? Should I tell him to go in?”

Karda nodded. “Just remind him that he should try not to kill anyone. They may know what happened to the crew.”

“Tylor? Karda says to go in when you like. Sounds like you’ve got some salvagers on board. Don’t know how many there are, but I can hear three of them. They’ve got plans to blow up the ship when they’re done scrounging so watch out for explosives. Oh, and Karda wants them alive. If possible,” she added.

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